The schoggifestival should have taken place at the beginning of April – if Corona hadn’t given us a really big break.
We were all a bit paralyzed for a while when the events and regulations started to overturn. But now we are back. The postponement of the schoggifestival doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk about or enjoy chocolate anymore.
Right now the world is practicing social distancing while craft chocolate makers, cocoa processors* and other small cocoa and chocolate businesses are suffering from the downturn in business (more on it in the flash poll from the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute). In addition, the pre-Easter moment when we can call for respect for human rights in cocoa is in danger of being lost. The Schoggifestival team would like to build a bridge and offer a platform to bring together, in a simple way, multi-faceted messages from the world of chocolate.

  • Listen to our first podcasts about the chocolate festival and Easter tips.
  • Dig through the fine online chocolate assortment of the chocolate festival exhibitors.
  • Get an overview of Switzerland and the cocoa in its industrially produced chocolate (a summary from the Schoggifestival ehrundredlich).
  • Read about the history and background of abusive child labour in cocoa in this new report (April 2020) from Public Eye.
  • Read the Cocoa Barometer documents to find out about current sustainability developments and critical issues in the cocoa sector.
  • Watch and listen to the audio-visual messages from the exhibitors* and organisers* who will tell you about the chocolate home office – here at our website or at our


The Schoggifestival ehrundredlich cannot be held as planned on 3 & 4 April 2020. But the chocolate movement has started nevertheless. An input from Andrea and Anja, project managers of the festival. 

Tips for fairer Easter with sustainable chocolate from Team Schoggifestival ehrundredlich

Silvia from CABOZ Action about Cacao production in Ivory Coast and Covid-19 prevention. https://cabozaction.org/

Andreas von Cacao de Corazón on cocoa production in Colombia and his chocolate. https://cacaodecorazon.ch

Andrea from the small batch project about the world of craft chocolate production in Switzerland. https://thesmallbatchproject.ch

Shireen from Nala Chocolate presents her carefully produced Easter chocolates. https://www.nalachocolate.com/

Johanna from FiBL on cocoa research, sustainability assessment and education with a focus on Bolivia. https://www.claro.ch/de/producer/335

Ann-Kathrin from Fairafric with an Easter message from the home office. https://fairafric.com/de/shop-2

Susana from Cardenas Chocolate about specialty chocolate from Ecuador and its meaning for cocoa farmers. https://www.cardenaschocolate.com/

Juliana from Billy&Bugga presents her beautiful chocolate collection with brazilian cacao. https://www.billybugga.com/shop

Yayra talks about organic cacao production and how cacao can help people and the environment in Ghana. https://yayraglover.ch

Sarah, the children’s book author, talks about her book “Liah & Zoe make chocolate”. https://www.soulshinesarah.com/ http://www.beantobar.ch/

Britta from Kürzi Kakao tells about her chocolate factory, about cocoa from Tanzania, and the Bean to Bar chocolate production. https://www.kuerzikakao.ch

Ursina from Public Eye talks about school visits on the subject of cocoa and human rights.  Chocolate topics and School visits