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The Schoggifestival is postponed due to the coronavirus

Date: still unknown

We all put a lot of heart and soul into this project, we are stunned about the current events and their impact on life. But as they say: It is what it is. We are now trying to make the best out of it and think about what is best.

We would like to be able to celebrate at the Schoggifestival and make the most of it. So we remain at the moment with a crying but also with a laughing eye, which remains flexible and is looking forward to and preparing for what is coming. 

We wish you a good, healthy time, see you very soon

Anja, Andrea, Jasmin, Silva, Monica, Mark, Patricia, Eva, Tabea, Eva and Andrea

At the Schoggifestival you not only learn a lot about the chocolate industry, you can also instruct yourself or join in the discussion.

Chocolate lovers, experts and professionals of the cocoa production chain, as well as from organisations and companies in the field of sustainability, the environment and related topics, will discuss and exchange information at input presentations, theme workshops and interactive discussions.


Since most of our Events are held in German, we ask you to consult the German site: → VERANSTALTUNGEN


10:00 – 15:00 h