At the Schoggifestival ehrundredlich 2020, we support to our best knowledge and conscience those companies that convince us with their social and ecological responsibility, but also with their products: social entrepreneurs, bean-to-bar companies, direct trade organisations, but also start-ups that attach great importance to the authentic character of their chocolate, pioneers in empowerment and trading companies that economically combine social and ecological values and build sustainable supply chains for chocolate – an honest generation of cocoa and chocolate companies.

The NGOs and the research that belong to this area with critical and innovative ideas are also welcome.

The participants are:


Quality, Innovation and Passion are the main drivers of Billy&Buggas Handcraftet Chocolates. Only the cleanest ingredients in the world with the highest quality are used to produce the most creative produts on the market with passion and enthusiasm.


An independent, non-profit association founded in 2012 to improve the living conditions of the rural population in Côte d'Ivoire. The main focuses are: Drinking water supply, health, education, women empowerment and promotion of income diversification opportunities for women and young people.


Cacao de Corazón stands for authentic taste, respect for people and nature as well as fairness along the cocoa value chain. As a small label, they do everything themselves, from the selection of the beans by the farmers to the finished chocolate. A little luxury that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.


Cameroots is partner of a cooperative community of producers in Cameroon and exclusive exporter of their basic cocoa products. They are based on the following five core values: fair trade, quality, sustainability, transparency and traceability.


Award-winning, precious and heritage chocolate that preserves primary forests, regenerates vintage cacao plantations and empowers local communities in Ecuador. They believe in heritage. They search for provenance. They connect with their origins.


After 10 years in the sustainable chocolate business, Eric and Christoph have joined forces with 36 cocoa farmers from the Alto Huayabamba Valley to create Choba Choba - a chocolate brand where cocoa farmers as co-owners benefit directly from the company's success.


Claro has been actively shaping fair trade since 1977. Food, textiles and handicrafts are produced by its long-term trading partners in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner and in high quality.


CocoaConnection is not just a brand of chocolate nor just an intermediary or a broker. They offer the opportunity to enter the market to the huge amount of farmers who do not have it and want to support the production of their rare and native cocoa.


The cocoa for this fine Felchlin chocolate comes from the fair and far-sighted project of Yayra Glover LTD in Ghana. Each chocolate finances a young tree in the cocoa mixed forest.


They bring world-class chocolate and at the same time increase Africa's share of value added in the chocolate industry. In doing so, they have shifted production directly to Ghana, which increases the social impact compared to simply exporting the beans.


In eleven core missions, FiBL bundles its diverse activities and in some cases breaks completely new ground. The challenges of the future are to be tackled with ideas and methods of the future.


They are looking for wonderful organic cocoa from fair and transparent value chains. In their factory, they process the cocoa themselves from the bean to the finished bar, creating a chocolate full of character that lets you experience the cocoa, the variety, the terroir.


They are the first cocoa fruit juice producers in West Africa and the first to work with small-scale farming structures. Their values are: Passion, Responsibility, Cooperation and Diversity


Creating special taste experiences is her passion. Kürzi Kakao is an exclusive chocolate manufacturer in Zurich and produces chocolate - from the beans to the bar (bean to bar). All its ingredients are pure vegan and meet the highest quality and ethical standards.


They attach great importance to sustainable and transparent chocolate production with a focus on the aroma of the individual bean and its origin. It is important to them that they support small-scale producers.


The five brothers from the Glarnerland create high-quality chocolate specialities. Each brother contributes with his sense of taste for quality and uniqueness. It is important to them that they pay fair prices to guarantee the cocoa farmers a good life and to promote sustainable and tasty cocoa.


Nala the Chocolate Queen creates exquisite chocolates and bars in her small factory. She is careful to use chocolate from sustainable projects and organic ingredients. Mindful enjoyment is her program.


They are on a mission together, to taste the rare and preserve it. They venture into remote rainforests to bring you the world’s rarest cacaos and together transform the culture of chocolate, food and luxury. Together we can preserve nature in all its rarity.


Fine, ecological & fair. Through the direct sale of their Cacao Nacional, the farmers of the cooperative Kallari/Ecuador earn a permanent income from the careful use of the rainforest.


For more than 40 years PRONATEC has been dedicated to the distribution of fair trade and sustainably manufactured products. Out of conviction, the raw materials are not purchased through anonymous traders or stock exchanges, but as far as possible directly from the small farmers.


They descended from the indigenous people of Quimbaya in Colombia. Respect for nature is their primary law, and they attach importance to not promoting monocultures.


Public Eye becomes active where business and politics endanger human rights. With courageous research, sharp analyses and strong campaigns, the organisation stands up for a Switzerland that acts responsibly worldwide.


They want real fair chocolate. Chocolate that is produced without poverty and child labour. To achieve this goal, they are redefining fair trade and creating transparency in the chocolate industry.


For their Bean to bar line they only use beans from one farm at a time. Only in this way is it possible to take you on a sensory journey. They also know the farmer and the farm and are therefore sure that the beans come from a sustainable and fair project.


She founded "the small batch project" to meet independent chocolate manufacturers from all over the world, to test their chocolate and to present those projects that are run with heart and soul.


They aim to offer 100% vegetable, socially and ecologically responsible chocolate, using organic cocoa and mainly Swiss ingredients. Their artisan methods preserve the antioxidant and mineral content of the cocoa.


The association supports the visionary project "Organic Cocoa Initiative" of Yayra Glover in Ghana by publicising its work, financing its life insurance, raising cheap trading capital and organising an annual meeting.