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The Schoggifestival ehrundredlich connects consumers with sustainable chocolate producers, NGOs and other organizations during two days. Gourmets, committed people, pupils, chocolate lovers, people from the culinary and lifestyle worlds, as well as anyone interested will experience the stories of the people who work the cocoa for our chocolate. Visitors will also learn why and how we can treat people and the environment with care when we consume chocolate. The chocolate festival shows how new Swiss chocolate producers can have a positive role in the production chain, combining by enjoyment with responsible action.

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What does the Schoggifestival offer its visitors? 

Explore, taste, try, marvel, exchange and enjoyment for all ages – the  Schoggifestival at the Provisorium in Zurich.


A chocolate festival is an experience for all the senses; thus it goes without saying that chocolate and its contents must be tasted in various forms. Innovative, established chocolate and food connoisseurs will lead us through the culinary world and show what we can do with chocolate and other ingredients ourselves. There will be chocolate tastings, chocolate moldings and chocolate stories – especially for children. 

Our values

  • Respect for human rights and the environment
  • Honest cooperation (empowerment)
  • Dealing with a livelihood income
  • High transparency
  • Innovative and sustainable pioneering character 

Your advantage

  • Presence on a multi-faceted theme platform
  • Event with a high target group affinity
  • Co-Creation
  • Modern, trendy location in the middle of Zurich
  • Active and versatile communication channels (including presence at, social media)
  • Member of a First Mover Occasion
  • Network possibility

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