Who are we?

The Schoggifestival is supported by the association Good Chocolate Hub – a party-politically independent association. We are chocolate lovers, economically, socially and politically networked and convinced that chocolate can also be produced and consumed responsibly.



We are convinced that honest and sustainable chocolate production is possible. A chocolate made by people who work and live with dignity. A chocolate, whose ingredients are produced with respect for the environment. A chocolate, which gives pleasure and enjoyment to the consumer.

In other words: We want a sweet chocolate job for all players in the production chain!

The goal

The Schoggifestival ehrundredlich presents a new, mindful generation of cocoa and chocolate production, tells the story of the people who make cocoa for our chocolate, combining enjoyment with responsible action. 

• We want to promote positive energy in the chocolate world.

• We want to show the mindful and sustainable chocolate scene in Switzerland.

• We want to convey new and old things about chocolate

• We want to be honest and honest and network under this principle

• We want to celebrate a new generation and innovations

100% sustainable?

Unfortunately not. 100% sustainable is not a product, but we are convinced that we must not close our eyes to the issues, but rather talk honestly about it.

You like chocolate? But also people and nature?

Save the date: 24 March, 2024 the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen in Zurich