Become part of the #Schoggibewegung and support the Schoggifestival ehrundredlich with a donation. Together we stand up for responsibly produced chocolate.

We will use your money to organize the Schoggifestival in Zurich and to make the #Schoggibewegung known. We want to share the information about cocoa and chocolate production with as many people as possible and show that we as consumers can take responsibility. We need financial resources for example for:

Switzerland is known as a chocolate country. However, until now there has been no event where responsible action is associated with enjoyment. The Schoggifestival is an event for everyone who is interested in the topic and wants to learn more about the conditions in cocoa production but also about chocolate. Chocolate should be a pleasure for everyone from A to Z.

Thank you for being part of the #Schoggibewegung.