Project Initiator & Overall Coordinator / Media & Communication

Thanks to her early entry into journalism and many years of experience in marketing, Anja can draw on extensive experience. She studied sociology and cultural studies and decided early on that her work should have a positive impact. With her company, the agency Nunyola GmbH, she exclusively looks after clients behind whose social and ecological responsibility she can stand. Through her father Yayra Glover’s project, she has been able to gain an insight into the world of chocolate and cocoa. Her aim is that after the festival, visitors will think of alternatives when buying chocolate that will improve the lives of cocoa producers in the long term.


Overall Coordination / Program

Cocoa, human rights and agricultural development – Andrea feels at home in these areas. Her preferred tools are field research, analysis and campaign work. She studied ethnology, journalism and environmental sciences in Fribourg and obtained a master’s degree in gender and law in Mexico. Field work in Mexico, journalistic work in the Swiss media and many years of work on consumption and human rights in the cocoa value chain at the non-governmental organisation Public Eye, made it clear to her how important it is to know the people and their needs in the food production chains. She is therefore delighted to be revolutionizing the traditional chocolate world, with new, more sustainable approaches, and cocoa at the centre with the chocolate festival. 


Department of Location & Cacao Expo

Jasmin studies management, organization and culture at the University of St. Gallen to sharpen her social science profile in management. She pursues her passion for cultural projects during her employment at the communications agency Alltag in St. Gallen. Jasmin previously worked at the Department of Culture of the Swiss Consulate in New York. Values and responsibility come first in her work. She is convinced that people can make political decisions based on their consumer behaviour. It is important to communicate this message and make the necessary knowledge available to a broad public. 


Department of  Website & Graphics

As an illustrator, graphic artist and drawing teacher, Monica has already gained a lot of experience in a wide range of design industries. A few years ago she was made aware of the problems in the cocoa business. Since then she has been supporting sustainable productions and meaningful projects in the cocoa industry and is fascinated by how cocoa has accompanied people for so many years and what delicious products can be made from fine cocoa.With her work at the chocolate festival she would like to express her gratitude to the wonderful nature and to those producers who work for a better chocolate world.


Department of Communication and Marketing / Location

Mark discovered his interest in topics such as sustainability and social impact entrepreneurship during his business studies at the University of Basel. His bachelor thesis dealt with the concept of intercontinental electricity generation and supply from green electricity. But it was not only during his academic career that he dealt with these topics. Through his commitment to the IVE (Institute for Value Based Entrepreneurship), he gained experience in the conception and co-organisation of workshops offered at the University of Basel. Through his participation in the Schoggifestival, Mark wants to contribute to raising awareness of more responsible consumption.


Department Program

Patricia completed her bachelor’s degree in economics last summer, is now working as a trainee in product marketing and studies for a master’s degree at the University of Basel. It has been clear to her for quite some time that she only wants to work for companies whose values she can support. In addition to the social aspects, ecological aspects are always a matter of concern to her, which is why she deals with these topics during her studies as well as in her private life. She is convinced that the chocolate festival will create more awareness when buying chocolate.


Department Program


Fundraising Department

Eva Maria Jaag is a humanities scholar and holds an International EMBA. For over ten years she has been working in the fields of innovation, process modelling and optimisation, as well as stakeholder management in the private sector and administration. With her involvement in the chocolate festival, Eva wants to make a contribution to the prudent use of resources along the cocoa/chocolate supply chain. The festival visitors should keep their visit in a pleasant, inspiring and rich memory.


Fundraising Department

Moved by the great sense of justice, Tabea had studied law as a working student in Basel and Lausanne, experiencing very different realities. Tabea’s inspiring family background lies on three continents. It therefore makes sense that in her work she is also committed to strengthening social cohesion. She knows how to bring the right people together with ésprit in order to implement eventful projects together. Tabea stands for high quality and thus also for the change in the cocoa production of her one home Ghana. She is convinced that the enjoyment of chocolate is even more enjoyable when consumers and producers can exchange ideas and learn together.


Department of Education

Silva grew up on an organic mountain farm and thus acquired a basic knowledge of sustainable nutrition and production early on. Through her studies in geography and English literature, she has progressed to an academic level in the field of sustainability. During her internship at the Biovision Foundation, she was able to specialize in the sustainable production of food and thus deal with chocolate production, among other things. Her aim is to introduce the visitors to the problems of conventional chocolate and the positive alternatives in order to change consumer behaviour and consequently the market in the long run.


Department of Education