Cocoa, human rights and advocacy, this is where Andrea feels at home in terms of content. Fieldwork in Mexico, journalism in the Swiss media, and many years of working on human rights in the cocoa value chain at Public Eye made her realize how important it is to know the people and their needs in food production chains. She is therefore excited to use the Schoggifestival to turn the conventional chocolate world on its head with new, more sustainable approaches.


Christine is a chocolate aficionada. As a food engineer and sustainable developer, she knows what goes into chocolate – not only an immense bouquet of flavors and happiness-inducing ingredients, but also the sweat and manual labor of small farmers. As managing director of the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa, she was already committed to a sustainable value chain. With the Schoggifestival, she wants to make consumers appreciate more what is in the Schoggi.



A few years ago, the illustrator and graphic designer’s attention fell on the problems in the cocoa business. Since then, she has supported sustainable production and meaningful projects in the field of cocoa and is fascinated by how cocoa has accompanied people for so many years and what delicious products can be made from the fine cocoa. With her work for the Schoggifestival she wants to express her gratitude to the wonderful nature and to those producers who work for a better chocolate world.


Anja studied sociology and cultural studies. With her company, the agency Nunyola GmbH, she exclusively serves customers behind whose social and ecological responsibility she can stand. She is also active in her parents’ company Yayra Glover Ltd. in Ghana, which has the great goal of decolonizing cocoa. She initiated the chocolate festival before the pandemic with the aim of informing consumers and getting them to think about alternatives when buying chocolate that would improve the lives of cocoa producers in the long term.


A cultural scientist by training, Eva has many years of experience as a project manager in the social sector. Her commitment to human rights is always in the foreground. As an epicurean, it is important to her to reconcile consumption with sustainability.  

The team built the foundation, the concept and the program for the Schoggifestival ehrundredlich more than two years ago – just before Switzerland went into lockdown with the entire world.